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Blister dust collector

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Shenzhen Tltroth Technology Co., Ltd

Contact: Mr. Wang

Telephone: 139 2527 4433

Email : snaper1@163.com

Landline: 0755-2330 6972

Fax: 0755-2330 6972

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Address: Xiangshan Bay, 142 Xiangshan Avenue, Luotian, Songgang Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen

      Shenzhen Tltroth Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2006, dedicated to industrial dust removal + automation. Established a complete set of dust removal solutions: including automated equipment, falling dust detection, electrostatic dust removal, ultrasonic washing, high-pressure washing, etc. The company has been recognized by LG, RadiantOpto Electronics Inventec, compal, AOC and other international first-line companies. The company has a registered capital of RMB 10 million and won the title of National High-tech Enterprise. The main customers are LG and Samsung Cooperative, Foxconn Cooperative, Hikvision, CATL, Pengding Holdings, Innolux, Ultrasonic Electronics, etc. The main markets are all parts of China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Europe, America and other countries.


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Hotline:0755-2330 6972

Contact: Mr. Wang

Mobile phone:139 2527 4433

Email : snaper1@163.com

Fax:0755-2330 6972

Address :Xiangshan Bay,142 Xiangshan Avenue, Luotian, Songgang Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen

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